Monkey Bar Commercial Gym Equipment

Custom Monkey bar gym equipment with black powder coat,  installed at Jon “Bones” Jones’s home gym in Albuquerque, NM. Dimensions for this rack: 20′ L x 40” W See Jon Jones’s custom Phat Rack™ system here. The PATENT PENDING Phat Rack™ – Free Standing Punching Bag Frame by Pascetti Steel is a large steel system designed […]

Jon “Bones” Jones Phat Rack™

  “Man I love my new rack, thanks again!! Bad news for future competition in the octagon!” – Jon “Bones” Jones The PATENT PENDING Phat Rack™ – Free Standing Punching Bag Frame by Pascetti Steel is a large steel system designed to support multiple heavy bags. This rack is used by commercial gyms which depend […]

Pascetti Helps Tackle Parkinson’s

“I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with this company! They are incredibly clear, concise, and attentive. They listened to what I needed and produced a product that was perfect for my business. Every conversation was professional, and they personally followed up to make sure everything was to my expectations ! I suggest doing business with them! […]

ABQ MMA Phat Rack™

  “Pascetti Steel designed and installed a heavy bag rack for us. They were professional, on time and affordable. The quality of both the product and the service was stellar. We can not recommend them high enough. If you need any steel fabrication work you will NOT be disappointed if you hire Pascetti Steel.” – Michelle […]

Open Gym Phat Rack ™ Heavy Bag Rack

“I would recommend this rack because it opens up a lot more space, it’s sturdy, and for safety purposes that’s a big thing. When it got together, and we did the first class there was a lot of excitement just because of the space that we had to do the class. People love it. It’s […]

Adult Monkey Bars

  Adult Monkey Bars / Ninja Gym Equipment “I was really impressed with the entire process of working with Pascetti Steel. I don’t want any injuries for my clients, but I want to continue to push and challenge them and make them stronger so I needed to customize some equipment. I really didn’t know the […]

Custom Modifications

Custom Modifications Pascetti Steel can fabricate custom modifications for your gym equipment to meet your specific needs. Our equipment is designed to be safer for clients and more durable for longevity of use.

Handee Shelf – Storage Solutions

Handee Shelves – Gym Organization The Handee Shelves are used to hold and store bands, straps and other gym equipment. These work great in commercial fitness centers, home gyms and anywhere else you need to stay organized and keep track of items.      

Custom Sit Up Bar

Custom Sit Up Bar This custom sit up bar is attached to the wall and gym floor for maximum durability and stability. This system can be customized to your exact space if you need one that’s longer, shorter or a variety of sizes.   Home or commercial use Powder coated finish Wall mounted     […]

Custom Stall Bars / Ladder Rack

Stall Bars / Ladder Rack   These stall bars provide a wide variety of uses such as hanging to build build tendon and ligament strength and the ability to do different stretches because of the multiple heights of the bars. The system is great for attaching bands and other equipment for pulling, pushing and abdominal […]

Exclusive Firebellz Weighted Bars

Heavy Weighted Bars These weighted bars come in different weights and are great for use in a class setting. The weighted bars free up gym space because there will be less barbells and kettle bells on floor and can be used for curls, presses and handed off for squats.