Open Gym Phat Rack ™ Heavy Bag Rack

“I would recommend this rack because it opens up a lot more space, it’s sturdy, and for safety purposes that’s a big thing. When it got together, and we did the first class there was a lot of excitement just because of the space that we had to do the class. People love it. It’s an awesome rack. I love it!” – Steve Wenze, Personal Trainer – Open Gym

The PATENT PENDING Phat Rack™ – Free Standing punching Bag Frame by Pascetti Steel is a large steel system designed to support multiple heavy bags. This rack is used by commercial gyms which depend on top quality and reliability. Many spaces don’t allow attachment to walls, ceiling or joist; our system is engineered for free-standing use keeping valuable space free. This multiple heavy bag rack uses rolling track systems which allows bags and other equipment to easily slide out of the way letting one space transform for many activities.

Free standing punching bag frame without attachment to walls or ceiling
Commercial gym bag frame; multi use frame, commercial kickboxing frame
Make use of valuable space for other classes utilizing the sliding track system
Commercial engineered kickboxing class frame. Great for multiple uses


Our exclusive design uses overhead beams reducing the need for numerous columns impeding valuable space and is structurally engineered relieving the liability on commercial gyms and fitness centers.

Many gyms now offer different group classes for bungee fitness, yoga, TRX training, kickboxing and more, our free-standing punching bag frame offers industrial strength and utilizes the most efficient space available to accommodate the various classes. Double your memberships by increasing your class size!

Our multiple heavy bag rack is pre-engineered and can easily be assembled and bolted to the gym floor supporting 30 bags or more.

Our punching bag frame has pre-punched base plates and cross-bracing for easy assembly and added stability. Racks can be custom-fabricated to fit your specific area and can include many options for different classes.

This system uses no internal columns measures 20’ wide x 40’ long x 9’ tall and can support 30 or more heavy bags.

  • Each stand is custom-designed and fabricated right here in the U.S.A.
  • Customize the stand – you choose the color, sizing, and options
  • Rolling track hardware available
  • Pre-punched baseplates and cross-bracing
  • All required hardware included
  • Engineered stamped drawings available
Engineered cross-bracing and connections
Top horizontal supporting 40′ span
Engineered heavy duty punching bag stand. Pre-engineered components ensure free standing strength
Engineered cross-bracing and connections
Sliding heavy bag track system
Commercial gym bag frame; multi use frame, commercial kickboxing frame
Make use of valuable space for other classes utilizing the sliding track system
Gym members utilizing commercial heavy bag frame
Pano showing multiple heavy bag rack. Many uses; kickboxing, bungee fitness, TRX rack
15 bag configuration
3D drawing for heavy bag frame holding 15 bags


We can custom fabricate almost any size or shape you want.  You can add as many sections end to end and add sections side by side. We build these frames to be exceptionally strong and maintenance-free using structural I-beams and tubing. 

  • Requires at least a 9′ high ceiling
  • Punching bags and mounting hardware are sold separately