Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego

Liturgical Glass Project, Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego

Many places of worship have unique and exceptional interiors.  This is quite evident with a recent new worship space in Oceanside, CA, the Church of St. Thomas More in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego. To support her sand-carved glass relief sculpture, Pascetti Steel was hired to fabricate custom steel structures designed by Claire M. Wing, Liturgical Glass +++ Arts, a renowned professional liturgical artist and designer working nationally in leaded glass and sand-carved glass relief sculpture.

Claire Wing designed and sandblast carved three massive ¾” thick glass panels which are supported by our custom steel support system.  This system is the foundation to hold this incredible triptych glass sculpture which weighs approximately 1,000 pounds and is cantilevered from the back wall of the Annunciation Shrine.  Machined and threaded unions, escutcheon plates, matching support rods accompany the system with heavy neoprene to protect the glass artwork.


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Adjacent to the glass sculpture, Ms. Wing designed a series of equally unique votive candle holders, stainless steel trays with matching inserts which Pascetti fabricated to hold sand and candles that then slide into an exterior stainless frame. All of them are precision fabricated with waterjet cutting, TIG welds and completed with a #4 brushed finish.  To view more of Ms. Wings work please go to: 

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