Water Collection Shade Structure

Pascetti Steel Design  recently completed a revolutionary design for water collection. This water collection shade structure for Southern Sandoval County Flood Control Authority utilizes large corrugated pipe for water collection and storage. Hooked up to existing irrigation systems, it feeds existing plants all through the collection of rain water.

Pascetti Steel Design creates shade structures versatile enough for any outdoor location.

  • Athletic Venues
  • Parking Structures
  • Playground Shading
  • Parent Pickup Areas
  • Corporate Complexes
  • Restaurant Patios
  • Parks and Recreation Areas
  • Transit/Bus Stops
  • Walkways
Sandoval County Flood Control Authority Shade Structure and water storage

Field welding and completing the metal roofing.

custom water irrigation systems and shade structure

shade structure with corrugated pipe for water collection and irrigation

Special waterproofing and watertight gasket seals were used at the base to hold the weight of the stored water

water irrigation systems custom commercial shade structure water collection shade structure

Finished columns were installed onto concrete footings

Whether you need residential shade sails or commercial shade structures we can provide an outdoor shade solution that will protect your most valuable assets from the harsh UV rays of the sun while adding aesthetic beauty to your home or business.