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Pascetti Steel Design Fabricates Elevated Catwalk System for Large Oil and Gas Refinery

Elevated Catwalk System

Pascetti Steel Design recently completed the fabrication and installation of a new elevated catwalk system for Western Refining in Bloomfield, NM. The OSHA-approved catwalk was requested by Western Refining to provide top-of-tank access for refinery employees.

Pascetti Steel Design completed catwalks with cage ladder access for three large transfer stations, two exterior areas and one interior station.  The catwalk systems were transported to the site in pieces which could be easily assembled onsite.  Design and installation for the interior area was especially challenging due to limited access in which all pieces had to be carried  in by hand.  All walking surfaces are equipped with galvanized “grip-strut” planking.

All three areas were engineered to be bolted, rather than welded, onsite, because the project coincided with the day-to-day operations of this fully-functional oil and gas refinery. Pascetti Steel Design has earned a superior safety record, with a number of systematic processes in place to ensure job site safety. We are proud to report zero incidents during the fabrication and installation of this high-risk project.

Walter McReynolds, Supervisor at Western Refining, had this to say regarding the completed project:

“We hired Pascetti Steel Design to fabricate and install elevated catwalk systems for access to the tops of our tanks. I was thoroughly impressed with Damian and his crew.  The project was completed in several stages.  Each phase was completed faster than we expected.  Damian and his crew were extremely knowledgeable and their craftsmanship was impeccable.  We will use Pascetti Steel in the future.”

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