2014 Year in Review

commercial carlisle circle center mixed media steel stainless panels hand painted custom sculpture installtion

2014 Year in Review

As the beginning months of the year come to a close, we would like to take a look back at some of the wonderful projects and events we got to be a part of throughout 2014. These types of creative outlets are truly what keep us going, so we really cherish the members of the community that make these things possible. Here is a look back on some of our favorite moments of 2014.  

In April of 2014, we were pleased to work with homeowner Ed with custom gates for his Corrales residence. Like many of our residential customers, Ed was looking for something to compliment the work he had put into his home, and we ran with his ideas to create the perfect gates for the job! The plasma-cut, chemical rusted gates now stand as beautiful reminders of what we’re capable of when presented with a great idea! Ed was pleased with the finished product and had this to say: “I came to Pascetti Steel with my own hand sketch and enjoyed collaborating with Damian.  The finished product is nothing short of special.  They create a focal point for the house.  The neighbors are envious of these show pieces!  We especially love the custom cane bolts.  Damian and his crew were easy to work with on a somewhat complicated installation.  Overall, we are more than pleased.” Thanks to Ed for the kind words!


Check out our video here.

In July we had the pleasure of completing beautiful, functional stainless steel processing counters for the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales, Arizona, where millions of people cross the border between Mexico and the United States every year. These stainless steel counters are beautiful and resistant to the wear and tear that tends to damage other materials. This project was Platinum LEED certified, meaning that as a government sub-contractor, our work is compliant with green initiatives. Our work at the Mariposa Port of Entry is representative of the values we hold most dear, and we are glad to have been a part of the renovations.



While Funky Steel has created an outlet for creativity within the home, our customers have always provided us with wonderful opportunities to show what we’re capable of. When Porsche fanatic Steven Stacy came to owner Damian Pascetti with the back end of a classic Porsche body, Damian went to work converting the car into a fully functional custom barbecue. They were so successful in creating the perfect “carbecue” that the Yahoo Sports video blog ThePostGame.com hosted an entire webisode featuring the grill for its “Extreme Grillers” series. The film crew from Los Angeles did an excellent job of documenting the amazing work and creativity that went into creating the carbecue, and we are proud to demonstrate our skills when it comes to the seemingly impossible tasks that our customers come up with!

funky one of a kind porshe cat barbecue


One of our most creative and exciting endeavors of last year was the launch of our home décor line, Funky Steel. As Pascetti Steel focuses on commercial and industrial projects for much of the year, Funky Steel serves as a creative outlet through which our small-scale ideas can have a big impact on those looking to incorporate fun and quirky items into their homes while enjoying the benefits of durable steel. We offer wine racks, Handee Shelves, Couple on a Shelf, and Industrial Lamps. While we look forward to expanding our product line in the future, we appreciate those who have supported us in this new retail adventure!



In August of 2014 we had the pleasure of collaborating with local architect William Kleinschmidt  to create a fun contemporary sculpture near the intersection of Carlisle and Claremont called “Carlisle Circles” after the Carlisle Circle Center in which they were placed. The “Carlisle Circles” are one of the largest public artworks in a city rich with creative public sculptures and murals, and it took our entire crew and a forklift to install. It’s a great feeling to be among the ranks of admired New Mexico artists, and we love the opportunity to contribute to the Albuquerque’s collection of public pieces. Visit the architect’s website here.



Check out our video here.

We love connecting with the community as often as we can. The 32nd, and final, Weems International Artfest in November was a super fun way to get to know more Albuquerque natives and show them what we have to offer! The New Mexico tradition was held in honor of returning veterans, and we were extremely proud and grateful to be among over 280 artists from all over the country participating in the prestigious event.



The Twinkle Light Parade is another exciting New Mexican tradition that we were able to be a part of in December of 2014. We were lucky enough to win the first place trophy, for the 3rd year, in the Misfit category for our float “Santa Cruz” with the help of our family and friends. We had to bring the creativity for New Mexico’s largest parade of over 300,000 lights, and we think it paid off!



With 2014 behind us, it is important to reflect on the positive impact that our customers and fans have had on us, and how the community has allowed us to express our creativity while creating lasting memories for years to come. We take pride in the results of our hard work at the Carlisle Circle and the Mariposa Port of Entry, and deeply appreciate the consideration of those who chose us for the job. We strive to meet expectations in our creative endeavors as well, and appreciate those who made those events and projects a possibility. Thank you for contributing to the success of Pascetti Steel Design and Funky Steel in 2014. Here’s to the great things we have to look forward to in 2015!