Phat Rack Helps Tackle Parkinson’s!

Phat Rack™

A new Phat Rack™ – Multiple Heavy Bag Rack recently got installed in a boxing gym in Memphis, TN where coaches are helping reverse and delay symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Boxers condition for optimal agility, speed, muscular endurance, accuracy, balance, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and overall strength to defend against and overcome opponents. At Rock Steady, the opponent is Parkinson’s disease.



Parkinson’s causes a loss in many of the same elements that boxers condition to improve and published medical research has shown that forced, intense exercise can reduce, reverse and delay Parkinson’s symptoms. They also know that a diversity of symptoms needs to be addressed simultaneously.

Testimonial from coach and boxer Mike Cook:

“I think anybody that wants to have a fitness gym, a fight gym, just an everyday gym, should contact Pascetti immediately and have this in your gym. If you don’t have this type of bag cage, you’re missing out big time.”
“I recommend this bag cage from Pascetti Steel to anybody trying to open a fitness gym. This right here will change your whole outlook on fitness. It’s a space saver, it makes everything functional. It’s the way to go.”


See more Phat Rack™ configurations:

Jon “Bones” Jones | ABQ MMA | Open Gym


The Phat Rack™  is a large steel system designed to support multiple heavy bags. This rack is used by commercial gyms which depend on top quality and reliability. Many spaces don’t allow attachment to walls, ceilings, or joists; our system is engineered for free-standing use keeping valuable space free. This multiple heavy bag rack uses rolling track systems which allows bags and other equipment to easily slide out of the way letting one space transform for many activities.

Our exclusive design uses overhead beams reducing the need for numerous columns impeding valuable space and is structurally engineered relieving the liability on commercial gyms and fitness centers.

Many gyms now offer different group classes for bungee fitness, yoga, TRX training, kickboxing, and more, our free-standing punching bag frame offers industrial strength and utilizes the most efficient space available to accommodate the various classes.

Our multiple heavy bag rack is pre-engineered and can easily be assembled and bolted to the gym floor supporting 30 bags or more.

Our punching bag frame has pre-punched base plates and cross-bracing for easy assembly and added stability. Racks can be custom-fabricated to fit your specific area and can include many options for different classes.

This system uses no internal columns measures 20’ wide x 40’ long x 9’ tall and can support 30 or more heavy bags.

  • Each stand is custom-designed and fabricated right here in the U.S.A.
  • Customize the stand – you choose the color, sizing, and options
  • Rolling track hardware available
  • Pre-punched baseplates and cross-bracing
  • All required hardware included
  • Engineered stamped drawings available