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Rio Rancho Campus Park Structure




Pascetti Steel Design Inc. recently completed a large steel shade structure at Rio Rancho Campus Park which was an ideal collaboration between local design and fabrication teams.  Formative Architecture proved to be an excellent firm, designing a unique park shade structure that will last for generations.  Pascetti Steel is honored to have had the opportunity to fabricate and install this exceptional custom steel shade structure.  The main support ribs are CNC cut 1” thick steel plates.  The shade pattern is achieved by two layers of 4” angle.  Installation started with the three main ribs (pre-welded with 1.5” thick base plates) placed onto large concrete footings, by Mountain West Golfscapes.  Steel shade slats were welded on site and the final perforated Corten metal sheets were applied with matching trims.




Campus Park located within the City Center of Rio Rancho, offers a versatile outdoor community gathering area. Accessible from both Unser Blvd. and Paseo del Volcan via King Blvd., the park serves as a prime destination for city events, concerts, and daily visitors, including college students, City Center employees, and residents. 



Park StructureSteel Shade SlatsLarge Steel Shade Structure




” Campus Park acts as an oasis within the arid environment

of the desert. The design takes advantage of the site’s

significant topography and adds to it, creating overlooks,

a natural amphitheater, terrace lawns, and bosque lowlands,

all in a contemporary design language. “

-PLAND Collective 




Steel Shade Campus StructureSteel Shade Structureblank


“To accommodate more intimate performances near the

Sky Room amphitheater, Formative Architecture designed

a small shade structure and venue space.

The sculptural form takes inspiration from the curved,

exterior weathered steel panels, and galvanized underbelly

of the Sky Room, as well as the weathered steel,

angled jetty jacks found in the Rio Grande Bosque.

The sculpture interprets these design languages,

resulting in a unique concept that still relates to the overall

park context.”

-Formative Architecture re