Antique Fencing Restoration: Durango, Colorado

Craftsmanship meets history with this Antique Fencing that Pascetti Steel restored and reinstalled. This beautiful, historic fencing surrounds a charming home in Durango, Colorado and exemplifies our commitment to preserving history with skill and passion. We take pride in our ability to breathe new life into historical steel structures.

Restored Fencing
Antique Railing

Durango is known for its rich history and timeless architecture. When we were approached to restore a fence that has stood the test of time, we couldn’t have been more excited. This wasn’t just any antique fencing—it is a piece of Durango’s heritage, a silent witness to decades of stories, and an integral part of a historical home.

Before fencing Restoration
Antique Fencing

Restoring historical steel pieces requires more than just skill; it requires passion, precision, and respect for the original craftsmanship. Our team meticulously examined every inch of this fencing, understanding its original construction, the wear it endured, and the best methods to bring it back to its former glory.

Fencing Restored
historic railing
All panels
Restored Fencing Panels
Panels Laid Out For Assembly

Once restored, each piece was carefully reinstalled, ensuring stability and safety without compromising its historical charm. For this installation we had to modify the fence panels to go around the tree that sits in the middle of the property line.

Fencing Around Tree
120 Year Old Original Fencing With Tree Growing Through It
After Restoration and Re-Installed
Unique Restoration
Installing Fence Around Tree After Restoration
Metal Fencing Restoration
Historic Fence Metal Restoration
Fencing Was Installed And Fit Around Tree
Antique Railing
Railing Restoration
Antique Railing

Why Choose Pascetti Steel?

  • Expertise in Historical Restoration: We specialize in restoring historical steel structures with a focus on accuracy and quality.
  • Passionate Craftsmanship: Our team is dedicated to preserving history through meticulous and respectful restoration practices.
  • Client Collaboration: We work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is realized while maintaining historical integrity.

Let’s Preserve History Together

Do you have a historical steel piece that needs some TLC? Let’s work together to bring it back to life. Contact Pascetti Steel today to discuss your project requirements and get a quote. Visit our “contact us” page HERE

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