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Penguin Chill – ABQ Bio Park Exhibit

Penguin Chill - ABQ BioPark The Bio Park is now home to some new penguin friends in the Penguin Chill exhibit. The Macaroni and Gentoo Penguins came from San Diego while the King Penguins came from Orlando. This is the first exhibit where you can see these three species together. Because of this, there are…
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Pascetti Steel Design Fabricates Sculptures for Isotopes Stadium

Isotopes Stadium Pascetti Steel Design was awarded the contract to fabricate and install three 20' baseball player figures at Albuquerque's baseball stadium, Isotopes Park. Each figure was cut out of 1/4" steel then welded to a tube steel frame.   Wire mesh panels, curved steel plates and integrated lighting compliment the handpainted finish.  Each figure weighs…
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