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Historic Baca House in Trinidad, CO

Historic Baca House Gates and Fencing - Trinidad, Colorado The Historic Baca House was a uniquely wonderful project. Pascetti Steel was selected by History Colorado which is the state historical association. They were selected to fabricate and install new fencing and gates to match the original historic gates and fencing.   Some history on the…
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Penguin Chill – ABQ Bio Park Exhibit

Penguin Chill - ABQ BioPark The Bio Park is now home to some new penguin friends in the Penguin Chill exhibit. The Macaroni and Gentoo Penguins came from San Diego while the King Penguins came from Orlando. This is the first exhibit where you can see these three species together. Because of this, there are…
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Historic Naval Bell Unveiling

U.S.S. NEW MEXICO 1918 NAVAL BELL In honor of the men who served on the ship known as the “Queen of the Fleet,” during WWII, we invite you to stop and visit the historic bell which has been relocated directly in front of the Zimmerman Library after the Smith Plaza underwent a major renovation. The…
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