Regal Movie Theater Steel Stair Railings

Movie Theater Steel Stair Railings at Cottonwood Stadium 16

The country’s largest movie theater chain, Regal Entertainment Group, is upgrading its facilities and Pascetti Steel was contracted to fabricate, finish and install theater stair railings and ADA compliant wall-mount hand railing at Regal Cottonwood Stadium 16 in Albuquerque. The refurbishment also includes new “king size” vibrating recliners and will be offering alcoholic beverages in some locations.  Additionally, working with Double AA Builders our team successfully modified stainless steel railings at the newly complete Regal Winrock Cinemas. Pascetti Steel guarantees all theater railings adhere to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) ensuring products and fabrication are safe, reliable and of premium quality.  The quick fabrication schedule was maintained by use of accurate placement jigs and pre-finished rails to control the tight production schedule.

Pascetti Steel is excited to be a part of this ground breaking refurbishment, once again showcasing our world class quality and standards in custom commercial railing fabrication.


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railings-commercial-stainless-steel-rails-regal-winrockwinrock stadium 16 imax theater
  • Contracted with Double AA Builders from Phoenix Arizona, Pascetti Steel has fabricated and installed 16 new theaters with ADA compliant stair railings and custom steel wall-mount handrails.
  • Precision-formed railings made from 1.5” pipe and CNC bending machinery ensures precise geometry and proper fit.  Special bending software is used to layout the complex shapes required for correct slope geometry.
  • Bending pipe and forming elbows utilizes the strength and integrity of the whole pipe verses the laborious process of cutting, welding, grinding and sanding pre-made pipe elbows.  The final product is smooth, seamless and public friendly.
  • Our custom, ADA compliant wall-mount railings have been fabricated with specially formed handrail brackets that ensure rails stay strong and in place with this demanding public use.

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