Locking Cane Bolt

Cane Bolt

Steel locking cane bolt with slide latch. Cane bolts are sturdy but easy to use latches and come standard with double gates so that you can open one side of the gate while the other stays closed. An extra lock was added to this gate for extra security. The slide latch is a simple, economical latch that is versatile enough to use on a variety of gates.

No gate is complete without a secure latch. We integrate many styles of latches to complement your gate and secure your property. The level of security and strength varies with each style - we'll help you choose the right one for your gate and then complete the installation.




Double locking cane bolt

Double locking cane bolt

latches cane bolt with slide latch finishes

Locking cane bolt with slide latch

solid panel gates locking cane bolt and slide latch systemplasma cut rusty finish residential steel gates

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