Aveda Salon Shade Structures

Pascetti Steel completed a series of wall mounted canopies made of 12 inch heavy channel with metal roofing infill at the Aveda Institute of New Mexico. Three-quarter inch turn-buckle assemblies support the structures from the face of the building and are complete with aluminum colored painted finish and integrated lighting between the individual frames. The local general contractors of Insight Construction, contracted us to fabricate this project at the Aveda Insitute located at 1816 Central Ave SW.

Strong and elegant shade structures complement any architectural style. Whether you’re looking for a simple stand-alone structure or an integrated system of covered walkways and shelters, Pascetti Steel knows how to take your core concept and make it a reality.

Pascetti Steel Design creates shade structures versatile enough for any outdoor location.

  • Athletic Venues
  • Parking Structures
  • Playground Shading
  • Corporate Complexes
  • Restaurant Patios
  • Transit/Bus Stops
shade-structures-custom-steel-aveda-salon wall mounted canopies

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