Pascetti Steel Design Acquires, Revives Vintage Coca-Cola Machine

Vintage Coca-Cola Machine

Pascetti Steel Design owner Damian Pascetti recently acquired a vintage Coca-Cola machine. The 1949 machine was passed down from Damian's aunt and uncle, who know of his passion for collecting and restoring vintage items.

In its first life, this Coca-Cola machine lived and worked in the offices of a pest control company in Albuquerque, very near to its current home at Pascetti Steel Design. When the pest control company moved into a new building in the 1970's, Damian's uncle acquired the machine and brought it home to his parents' house for safekeeping.  Wanting to put the machine to good use while it sat in the garage, he immediately removed (and tossed!) the original bottle dispenser drum from the inside of the machine and used the cabinet as a refrigerator for his beer.

Fast forward several years, and the machine ended up back in the hands of Damian's uncle, who now had room to house his prized machine. It ended up on the enclosed back porch, where it stood, unused, as a conversation piece for many years, until it was finally decided that the machine was taking up too much space. Damian became the proud new owner of the old machine.

Now, 65 years past its manufacture date, this Coca-Cola machine has a happy ending: Residing in the offices of Pascetti Steel Design, where it is fully-restored,  functioning and appreciated by employees and visitors alike.

vintage coca-cola machine

Vintage 1949 Coca-Cola Machine



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