Introducing the First Steel Shipping Container Structure in Albuquerque

Steel Shipping Container Structure

If you've never heard of steel shipping containers being transformed into fully-functioning structures, the construction of Green Jeans Farmery off of I-40 and Carlisle might come as a shock. Roy Solomon, Green Jeans project developer and eco-enthusiast hopes to spread the word about sustainability with this large steel development. By using recycled shipping containers, Solomon has cut cost and environmental impact. The benefits of using containers to make new and innovative structures may seem obvious, yet Green Jeans Farmery will be the first in Albuquerque.  While construction continues, plans reveal that these massive steel blocks will be stacked and arranged in order to accommodate some of New Mexico's most popular businesses, including Albuquerque's first Santa Fe Brewing location!

green jeans farmery installation


As shown, the steel structures allow for  windows and balconies in a way that provides freedom to the designer, as well as a fun experience for shoppers. Solomon plans to feature up to ten businesses and plenty of parking space. As said in an interview with KRQE News, "[the] lot is very strange in the configuration, and what we were able to do is figure out a way to make this property work. It's fun that you can put them together and create different shapes."

steel shipping container structure green jeans farmery


While still in rough stages, these eco-friendly alternatives to traditional construction are  becoming one of Albuquerque's most interesting construction sites and once complete will be a great  place to look for summer fun.

We are interested in Solomon's project because our friends at Molecule Design pioneered this building technique in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where owner Adriana Siso was the first to create a steel shipping container structure for retail via BoxHaus. Boxhaus, a brainchild of Adriana, explores the use of shipping containers in modern construction. As explained on the BoxHaus Facebook page, "Anywhere where there's a need for additional space, the cargo container adds a great potential and immediateness. They can be modified in about any imaginable configuration," which explains why they've been chosen to host some of the most innovative shopping and dining venues in New Mexico! Molecule Design has featured our very own Funky Steel products in recent months, and we're so happy to be part of this movement towards sustainability, and of course, creativity with steel! Visit Molecule Design's website to check out some of the amazing one-of-a-kind furniture, home decor, and art pieces they have to offer, or stop by and take a look around the amazing structure they've created (and pick up a Handee Shelf or two in the process)!

molecule shipping container structure

 As you can see, Damian is pretty excited about Molecule Design's steel container building.


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