Porsche Coupe Car-BQ

Porsche Coupe Car-BQ

Every once in a while, Pascetti arma companies disown Shkreli; Pissed, Shkreli airs their dirty laundry testosterone propionate cycle teens anabolic sex multiniche clips Steel Design is presented with a unique possession, and a very unique fabrication request. We’ve all heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, in regards to one of Pascetti Steel Design’s latest custom fabrication jobs, the saying goes more like, “When life gives you the rear-end of a beautiful classic car, what better to do than turn it into a ‘Car-BQ’?”

Custom car modification is just one of the many individualized projects that Pascetti Steel Design is capable of, and passionate about. The back half of this 1962 Porsche Coupe was a work of art in and of itself, but with some precision fabrication and a little TLC, this beauty was transformed into a backyard barbecue and tailgating showpiece. Owner of Pascetti Steel Design, Damian Pascetti, has a strong background in unique steel fabrication, and steel (or other metals) as art. With this type of knowledge and talent, he and his crew gave the Porsche a remarkable makeover, enough to leave any classic car or barbecue enthusiast breathless.

The custom car modifications include: improving trailer hitch and a fold-out table to the inside half of the car, installing a working propane barbecue into the trunk of the car, and fabricating the proper heat shield, hardware and ventilation needed for safe cooking.

Owner Steven Stacy, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, had this to say regarding the project:
“As always, Damian goes the extra step to design and perfect anything made of metal it seems! We were worried that the old 356 Porsche half-car transformed into a BBQ would melt the paint if actually used. Damian Pascetti, owner of Pascetti Steel Design, made improvements so that it can actually cook a meal and survive the ordeal without blistered paint, the main fear. He took the time and effort to buy some handles for the lid so the top would fit, added a temperature gauge, and modified the firewall with stainless steel to create a heat barrier. I have nicknamed Damian ATLAS due to the fact that in everything he does, he puts super-human brainpower into the design and effort!”

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