Mènage Table Collection

The Versatile, Go-To Accent Table for Interior Designers and Decorators


  • ¼” thick steel legs and steel pipe center union.
  • Heavy 3/8” thick glass top resting on custom silicone bumpers keeps the glass from sliding.
  • Glass tops features an “ogee” edge—a brilliantly polished rounded edge with a small decorative ledge.
  • Clear glass standard, 20″ Diameter.
  • Connection holes at center union are pre-threaded for simple assembly; no need for multiple tools or complicated hardware.
  • Choose from your choice of pop colors!

Mènage Dining Table

The custom dining tables come standard with 1/2″ thick glass tops available in any size up to 48″ and any color at no additional charge; truly custom at an affordable price! 


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Mènage: The One That Nearly Got Away

Sexy. Confident. Unattainable. He first spotted her at the end of the bar. He had just gotten off of the road from a long buyer’s trip in New York. He stepped out for a moment to take a call, and when he returned, she had disappeared. His heart sank. He cast his gaze wildly about, only to find her relocated to a distant corner of the room.

He approached her cautiously, taking in her unique looks. At first glance, the average person would find her attractive, but the informed person would have the appropriate appreciation for her beautiful symmetry. They’d take in her curves. Her long, elegant lines. She was unusually fetching. Mesmerizing. For one thing, she had three legs.

Her nametag said, simply, “Menage.”

He signaled the attendant over. Whatever the price, he wanted her. He had to have her.

“How much is she? This one’s mine!” he declared.

“I’m sorry, sir. She’s not for sale. She’s just a display model. The owner can’t part with her.”

“But surely there is another like her? I must find her creator!” he demanded.

“A man named Damian, sir. Damian Pascetti. He’s an artisan steel designer in Albuquerque with a shop called Funky Steel. Would you like his number?”

“I would!”

And so it was that the hottest interior designer on either coast placed a very large order for a sleek table called The Menage. A star was born.


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