Historic Naval Bell Unveiling


In honor of the men who served on the ship known as the “Queen of the Fleet,” during WWII, we invite you to stop and visit the historic bell which has been relocated directly in front of the Zimmerman Library after the Smith Plaza underwent a major renovation.

The naval bell represents a deep connection between the desert and sea. At the time, the ship was the most technically advanced battleship in the US Navy.  To recognize the irony of the ship being named after the land locked desert state, the navy paid homage to it by christening the vessel with water from the Rio Grande!

The historic naval bell is on loan from the United States Navy as a reminder of the courage and commitment of those who defend our great nation.  In its new location, it will serve to remind and inspire future generations.



Before time slips away, we here at McClain + Yu wanted to thank you and your team for the outstanding job Pascetti Steel did with the shade canopies and the Navy Bell Armature at Smith Plaza.  We enjoyed our collaborative process during design and appreciate the detail of your work, the craftsmanship, and the vision for the final product.  I sincerely hope we have the opportunity soon to collaborate with you on a next project!



Raimund McClain   AIA   LEED AP   NCARB

McCLAIN + YU     Architecture & Design 

Smith Plaza, the center and heart of the main campus at The University of New Mexico, has reopened after undergoing a major renovation completed by Jaynes Corporation. The design team included MRWM Landscape Architects, McClain +Yu Architects, Pascetti Steel Design and Surface Design, Inc.

View the UNM Smith Plaza Renovation here.