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Funky Steel: Redefining Industrial Lamp Chic

industrial table lamps

Redefining Industrial Lamp Chic


As the vintage lighting fixtures that look lifted directly from Edison’s turn of the century studio are growing in popularity, interior decorators and interior designers are clamoring to find bolder lighting design sources that help their clients’ décor stand apart. They need look no further than these industrial table lamps at FunkySteel.com or our Etsy Store, https://www.etsy.com/shop/FunkySteel.


Our industrial table lamps are customized to meet the designer’s needs. We will match the lamp cords to any client’s décor, and also tailor the lamp’s base finish to fit the aesthetic of any room design.

For example, one of our clients recently requested a glossy black lacquered finish to match her black contemporary furniture, rather than the distressed rust finish we normally provide.

Our quick reply?  “No problem!”





Our new ‘Big Jim’ Funky Lamp is the perfect mix of funky and awesome! This unique lamp is sure to be the focal point of any room and a great conversation piece.

The huge bulb makes this already great lamp even better! The bulb is impressive, gigantic and a Funky Steel exclusive. Two bulb options are available:

  • The Giant Torpedo is 17″ tall x 5″ diameter
  • The Giant Helix is 13″ tall x 6″ diameter


The body of the lamp is fabricated from 8″ structural steel tubing and our signature design includes gentle touch dimmer: simply tap the lamp to turn on, then tap again for a brighter setting… three settings total, simple and sleek, and no assembly required.

The original industrial table lamps come in three heights—8”, 20,” or 40” bases. The built-in gentle-touch dimmer is a favorite feature for clients. All Funky table lamps include our signature sleek, seamless, rectangular base, crowned with your choice of our distinctive bulbs—the Victorian, the Mirrored Silver, the Edison, the Globe, the Giant Helix, the Giant Torpedo, or you can add your own bulb. You can also choose your cord color to match your interior design for the low upcharge of $29 per lamp. Our cords are available in Ruby Red, Cobalt Blue, Lime Green, Neon Orange, Blush Pink, Chocolate Brown, or Standard Brown Vinyl (no extra charge).

According to Funky Steel CEO Damian Pascetti, “We wanted to give our customers the power to customize these pieces, so the multi-colored cords and bulb options were a start, but giving clients and designers the option to change the lamp base finish really opened up their style options.”

We are proud to collaborate with Baskets of Africa, they offer unique baskets from throughout the African continent that when turned upside-down, make perfect lamp shades! These one-of-a-kind pieces of functional artwork are woven by local African craftspeople who share our commitment to quality.

The living space styles that interior decorators and interior designers integrate our industrial lamps into include the following settings:

  • Vintage
  • Steampunk
  • Dieselpunk
  • Cyberpunk
  • Urban Fantasy
  • GaslampFantasy
  • Industrial
  • Eclectic
  • Urban Chic
  • Shabby Chic
  • Farmhouse Chic
  • Southwestern
  • Contemporary/Modern


For those in the greater Albuquerque area, we offer in-studio appointments to work with you in customizing your industrial lamps. We can also accommodate Facetime, Skype and Google Hangout requests if you would like us to present your lamp options via a video conference call. To arrange an appointment in studio or online, please call Damian Pascetti at (505) 341-2900.