Leaf Mural Gate with Rusty Finish

This gate project was awarded to Pascetti steel mainly because of the good value presented to the customer. These gates were designed fabricated and finished and then shipped to the job site approximately 1500 miles away to San Jose California. At Pascetti steel we specialize in providing solutions to each customers personal situation. We were able to palatalize and ship straight to the homeowners address with completed gates and all necessary hardware.

The rusty finish is very distinctive; please view pictures to see the wide range of colors the rust process will produce. It begins with a chemical bath, which starts the natural rusting process, let Mother Nature continue for a couple days and rinse with clear water.  Finally, we spray a super tough matte clear coat to protect the finish.

Gates do much more than provide security and privacy; they also add beauty to homes and landscapes. Whether it's a simple steel picket gate for a patio, or one of our custom forged ornamental steel gates, we'll help you select the right gate and latch combination for your setting.

natural rusted finish plasma cut leaf design gate
Strom Gate
Our custom gates are designed for courtyards, patios, entries, pools and more with a wide range of styles from picket gates, security gates, custom designed gates and gates for ornamental garden fencing. Choose from several latch styles to suit your needs. Any style can be converted to a pool gate with self- closing hinges and locks to meet code and safety requirements.

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