Industrial Lamp Chandelier

The Industrial Lamp Chandelier is fabricated from different sized structural steel tubing, our signature design includes a gentle touch dimmer:  simply tap the lamp to turn on, then tap again for a brighter setting…three settings total, simple and sleek, and no assembly required!

The finish is very distinctive; please view pictures to see the wide range of colors the rust process will produce.   It begins with a chemical bath, which starts the natural rusting process, let Mother Nature continue for a couple days and rinse with clear water.  Finally, we spray a super tough matte clear coat to protect the finish.  The “Edison” style bulbs completes the bold retro look!

This is not a cheap or common import!  Our industrial table lamps are all hand crafted and assembled right here in the USA!  Be distinctive and proud to own something produced in small batches while supporting local artisans.








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