Commercial Stainless Steel Processing Stations for Mariposa Land Port of Entry

Custom Commercial Stainless Steel

Pascetti Steel Design has just completed fabricating and installing beautiful custom commercial stainless steel processing counters for the U.S.A./Mexico border port of entry in Nogales Arizona where millions of people enter the United States every year. This project is a big part of Mariposa's extensive renovation where Pascetti's stations are sure to make Mariposa one the most elegant ports of entry in the country.


commercial mariposa land port of entry partition walls

The Counters, made from industrial stainless steel, are not only beautiful, but also highly durable surfaces that will deter vandalism as they are graffiti proof; they are scratch resistant and paint or permanent marker is easily buffed out without damage to the steel.


commercial entry mariposa land port of entry arizona



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